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The therapeutic use of massage by a licensed massage therapist has many diverse physiological effects on all the systems of the body - in particular, the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic (immune) and nervous systems.  Through stimulating and balancing these systems we become whole and stress free.


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​​60 min / 90 min / 120 min
Promotes healing by increasing tissue mobility, circulation & tissue nutrition.
Body Treatments
​​60 min / 90 min
Depending on the treatment chosen. Body Scrub, Herbal Wrap, Mud Wrap, Seaweed Wrap
​Massage Cupping
​​60 min 
Massage cupping is used to relax tension in muscles, help to move lymph and fascia, & also helps to break down scar tissue so our bodies move better without pain.
Spa Facial​

45 min / 60 min

All organic products used to promote healthiest skin possible. Treatment is based on individual skin care needs. Facial massage rounds out this decadent treat for a full relaxing effect.

​Hot Stones Massage
​​60 min / 90 min
Use of smooth, heated Basalt stones to melt away knots, tension, and stress.

Pregnancy Massage
60 min​
Prenatal massage helps our expectant mothers with the discomforts that are associated with growing a brand new tiny life.

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